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tearful adj
1 filled with or marked by tears; "tearful eyes"; "tearful entreaties" [ant: tearless]
2 showing sorrow [syn: dolorous, dolourous, lachrymose, weeping]

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  1. accompanied by tears.
    Aaron was a little tearful until Laura came to reassure him.
  2. sorrowful.


accompanied by tears
  • Finnish: kyyneleinen
  • Hungarian: könnyes
  • Finnish: kyyneleinen
  • Hungarian: szomorú

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

aggrieved, anguished, blubbering, careworn, crying, dissolved in tears, doleful, dolorous, dumb with grief, grief-stricken, griefful, grieved, grievous, in grief, in tears, lachrymal, lachrymose, lacrimatory, lamentable, lugubrious, mournful, plaintive, plangent, plunged in grief, ready to cry, rueful, sniveling, sobbing, sorrowed, sorrowful, sorrowing, teary, weeping, weepy, whimpering, with eyes suffused, woeful
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